Diamond .... indomitable stone

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Why indomitable?

Its name "diamond" comes from the Greek word damazo + the deprivation ‘a’, as in antiquity all hard stones, which were impossible to process, were called diamonds.

Collection of .... indomitable Stones
that tame the imagination in luxury

The diamond is considered a symbol of power, love and devotion. At OldOrient, following the symbols, we design and create with love and devotion jewelry made of precious stones, covering the trends and ambitions for "Power".

Did you know that?

In the mid-19th century, large diamond deposits were discovered in South Africa. The first diamond, 10.73 carats, named "Eureka" was accidentally discovered in 1866 on the banks of the Orang River and in 1869 a large diamond was discovered, the "star of South Africa" ​​of 47.75 carats, which became the main cause of area to be filled with diamond “hunters”. The largest diamond known to date is the Cullinan found in 1905 near Pretoria (South Africa) and weighed 3,106 carats (= 621,350 grams) before processing.

Shopping and communication via Video-call

We integrate, and will continue to develop it channels, interpersonal communication with our customers starting with the VIBER video Call feature where you can be served by the creators themselves face to face from your mobile screen from anywhere in the Earth ..

How do I do Viber Video Call Shopping?
Very simple. If you have the Viber App installed on your mobile phone, just click on the viber call button that always follows you at the bottom right of our website (or on the banner "Video Shopping With OldOrient) and immediately make a video call on OldOrient
Can I call from a laptop?
Of course. But a necessary condition is to install viber on your laptop that you can download HERE If your computer is not a laptop but a desktop we would not recommend it because it is likely that you do not have a camera and microphone that are integrated in other devices
I call but no one answers;
Do not worry. Logically we serve. Leave us a text message with when you want us to call you and leave the rest to us.
What else can I call via viber?
For whatever you want. this communication channel is open to all.

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