Meandros ... Greek stamp.

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Meandros: the symbol of Ancient Greece & the manual handle

The most ancient Greek symbol, Meander, is a symbol of Victory and Unity, a symbol of Infinity and Eternal Life, but also of our eternal course in the world. Inspired, according to some academics, by the numerous turns of the river Meander, which has a total length of over 500 kilometers, will be one of the most historic symbols of the Greek world and will be called the Greek Key, as it states the Greek origin of all of things that carry him on them!

Concepts and symbolism

It may have been used as a symbol mainly in decoration, but it is essentially a Greek seal, as most ancient Greek objects bear the design of the Meander. As a figure, it will not be missing from the Acropolis either.

The sense of infinity, on the one hand, but also of accuracy and completeness on the other, characterize Greek culture. Already from classical antiquity the meander represented the artistic expression of the quintessence of ancient Greek thought - harmonious identification of opposites to the highest possible degree.

In ancient times this symbol represented the endless flow of time and the completeness of repetitive time cycles. Water as a source of life (from the river Meander, today's Turkish name Menderes) and the inevitable withering, death, which is also the birth of a new beginning.

Ancient Greek jewelry

At OldOrient, Ancient Greek designs and symbols often inspire us in our creations. It is the depiction of a huge culture with rich cultural and historical significance that we proudly and respectfully imprint on our jewelry enriching it with precious stones and metals that deserve their grandeur.

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